• Albanië: een toeristische en Europese droom

The strength of Albania as a new destination for nature and culture tourism

Touristic Albania with its ancient history, its wonderful nature, impressive culture and tradition, with its beloved and friendly people is undoubtedly the best choice you can make to spend your holidays in this region of Europe. Albanian offer of free and quality tourism,  is part of the people's will.  The actual wish of Albanian people as well as the strategy of touristic development, is to invite their missing European friends to learn about another country belonging to Europe, Albania.  Our country belongs to every European as much as it belongs to us. In Albania, the hospitality for our guests as well as their comfort is part of our pleasure. The better they feel the more satisfied we are, as part of our national tradition, expressed in an old emphasis , that says: “Our house belongs to God and Guests !!!”
In Albania you can find the traces of the most important civilizations of the ancient world,  that are also on the origin of the first European social organization forms. Here are the ruins of settlements and documented traces of cultures of over 5000-6000 years old, ancient and medieval fortresses, Roman, Ottoman and Italian architecture,  Ancient streets of Alexander the Great, famous Caesar, Skanderbeg our National Hero, whose history was even the saga of the suffering and persecution of our people that fought with heart and soul to avoid being disconnected from Western civilization. 
Come to Albania without fear, to meet the wonderful people, to enjoy wonderful nature and landscape, in the country of high Mountains and Eagles, in this strange and unexplored country within continental Europe !!!

The European dream of Albanian people

European Integration of our country is an obligation that originates  from a century long history.  And the Albanians are aware about that mission more than ever ... Even they have the impression that other political and economic powers outside Europe want to keep control upon our integration approach toward European Union.  They still strongly support that ever undefined historical process that return us to Europe and our natural destiny within European countries, the most progressive and human society of the world ... In that effort the Albanian people and mostly the young modern and well educated generation of the country, need the support from European societies either than of European bureaucratic institutions that are not trying to find effective solutions in front of corruptive forces that want to keep our country out of Europe... All the Albanian society is strongly getting on the opinion that now, more than ever, is the very moment to struggle for the Europeanisation of Albania ... To give European wings or national identity to the Albanian people in their approach to the European Family and to support that process again all the forces inside and outside Albania that are getting involved to block that process, in order to activate and return the region to old historical conflicts of western Balkan countries and to use that conflicts against European future, destroying in that away the future of our children!